Sign your application from the command-line

You can sign your application during the packaging process using the blackberry-nativepackager tool. Alternatively, you can package and sign your application using separate commands. The following steps demonstrate how to sign your application after you package it into a BAR file using blackberry-nativepackager. You must sign your application before you publish it.

You can find blackberry-signer in bin subfolder where you installed the BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS.

Before you begin:

Sign your application by using the blackberry-signer tool. You need to specify the keystore password that you created when you configured application signing in the -storepass parameter.
blackberry-signer -storepass KeystorePassword
Your BAR file contains your signed application. You can publish your BAR file to BlackBerry App World storefront for distribution. For more information about distributing your applications through BlackBerry App World, see the Vendor Portal Administration Guide on the BlackBerry website.