(Optional) The configuration for alternative sets of assets to package

Parent elements:


Child elements:

Name Cardinality
action Any number
arg Any number
asset Any number
author One or none
authorId One or none
buildId One or none
buildIdFile One or none
category One or none
description One or none
env Any number
icon One or none
id One or none
initialWindow One or none
name One or none
packageId One or none
packageLocale One or none
platformArchitecture One or none
platformVersion One or none
publisher One or none
splashscreen One or none
versionNumber One or none


The <configuration> element specifies the configuration for alternative sets of assets to package. The assets to package depend on the build configuration you're using. You can build applications that use a different set of assets based on whether you build the application for a release or debug build for the OS on the simulator or the device.




Name Description Values Default
description (Required) Specifies the configuration identifier. The value must be unique within the scope of the application descriptor file. A string value. None
id (Optional) Specifies the configuration name to display. The name is a human-readable string. A string that uniquely identifies the configuration within the application descriptor file. The string value contains only digits, letters, and underscores, and it must begin with a letter or underscore. None
name (Optional) Specifies the string value to describe the configuration. A string value. None


<configuration id="com.qnx.qcc.configuration.exe.debug.1693211666" 
                  description="Used for debug devices">