blackberry-keytool parameters

You can use the blackberry-keytool tool to generate a code-signing certificate.




Instructs the tool to generate a pair of mathematically related values used to encrypt and decrypt data. Data encrypted with one value must be decrypted by the other value. Anyone can verify that an application encrypted with one value, which is kept private (signed using the private key), by decrypting it with the other value (the public key).


Specifies the location of the file that contains the public and private key pair.


Specifies the password that is used to control access to the key store.


Specifies the name to associate with the certificate that the tool creates. The value for this parameter must match exactly:

  • the name you entered in the Company field on the web form to request permission to sign applications
  • the publisher element in your BAR application descriptor file (bar-descriptor.xml file)


Refers to an entry in the key store database. The value for this parameter must be the literal value author.