Configure app signing manually in the IDE

The following steps help you manually configure your computer to sign applications. You should perform these steps only once.

Before you begin:

Request permission to sign BlackBerry Tablet OS applications by completing the web form at . After your application is accepted, you receive a CSJ registration file by email.

To configure app signing manually:

  1. Click Window > Preferences.
    On Mac systems, click Momentics > Preferences.
  2. Expand BlackBerry, and then select Signing.
  3. On the Preferences page, in the RIM Signing Authority section, click Register.
  4. On the Register with RIM Signing Authority page, complete the following steps: 
    In the RDK CSJ Path field, provide the location of the RDK CSJ registration file you received from the RIM Signing Authority.
    In the PBDT CSJ Path field, provide the location of the PBDT CSJ registration file you received from the RIM Signing Authority.
    In the CSJ Pin field, provide the PIN you entered on the web form to request permission to sign applications.
    In the CSK Password field provide your SDK password.
    In the Confirm CSK Password field, repeat the password you provided in the previous step.
    Click OK.
  5. Create a developer certificate by completing the following steps:
    In the Developer Certificate section, click Create certificate.
    On the Create Developer Certificate page, in the Certificate Path field, provide a location where you want to store your developer certificate.
    In the Author field, type your company name. Ensure that this value matches the author element in your bar-descriptor.xml file. 
    In the Keystore Password field, provide a password.
    In the Confirm Keystore Password field, repeat the password you provided in the previous step, and then click OK.
  6. Click OK.