Assign version numbers to your app

You must change the version number of your app before you package it for signing and installation on a device. The version number for a BlackBerry Tablet OS app comprises a series of four numbers separated by decimals (for example


Each time you sign your app, you must change at least one segment of the version number. You can change the major, minor, and revision numbers by updating the versionNumber element in the BAR application descriptor file (bar-descriptor.xml).

You can change the build number by:

  • Using the Create build number file action in the bar-descriptor.xml editor. This action externalizes the build ID in a file, which the packager tool reads to automatically increment and store the build ID.
  • Updating the buildId element in your application descriptor file.
  • Specifying the build ID using the buildId command-line option when you package your application using the blackberry-nativepackager tool. The buildId option accepts a number from 0 to 65535. If you specify a build number in both the bar-descriptor.xml and using the blackberry-nativepackager tool, the value given to the blackberry-nativepackager tool is used.

If you do not specify a build number, the default build segment of the version number is 0.