Package your application from the command line

You can find the blackberry-nativepackager tool in the host usr/bin subfolder where you installed the Native SDK. To make it easier to run the blackberry-nativepackager tool, add the path to the usr/bin subfolder where you installed the Native SDK to the PATH environment variable for your operating system.

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Navigate to the folder where your SWF application and XML configuration files are stored.
  3. Type the following command to package your application:
    blackberry-nativepackager [<commands>] [<options>] bar-package [app-desc  files]


    a path for the output BAR file
    a path to the application descriptor file (bar-descriptor.xml)
    paths to files or directories to include in a package.
    These paths can be absolute or relative to a current directory. The resulting location in the package is a tail path of the file, unless overridden by the -C or -e options.


    package assets into a unsigned BAR file (default)
    install the package
    launch the application (without installing)
    list all files in the resulting package (for debugging of packaging issues)
    print BAR manifest (for debugging of packaging issues)
    install debug token to the device
    request and generate new debug token using device PIN
    request and generate debug token using PIN from existing token, replacing it
    sign the package for publishing (requires an Internet connection)

    Packaging options:

    -target format
    specify a target format, either bar or bar-debug. Debug format implies a debugger connection on startup.
    -buildId ID
    set the build ID (the fourth segment of the version). Must be a number from 0 to 65535
    -buildIdFile file
    set the build ID from an existing file, save new incremented version to the same file
    package in development mode; required to run unsigned applications and access application data remotely
    -debugToken token
    use debug token credentials to generate author and authorId (only usable with -devMode.

    Signing options:

    -keystore store
    specify a path to a keystore file, default is C:\Users\user\.keystore
    -storepass password
    specify the password for the certificate store

    Path options:

    -C dir
    use dir as a root directory. All files that follow will be used with tail paths in the final package.
    -e file path
    save a file with the specified path in the package

    Deployment options:

    -device deviceId
    specify the IP address of the target
    -password password
    specify the device password

    Other options:

    print version
    print advanced options
    print the usage information

    You can also specify the options and commands in a file, with one command-line argument per line by using the @ options_file option.

Example 1:

blackberry-nativepackager -package -devMode bar-descriptor.xml mybinary -C /tmp /tmp/locale/
This example creates a development BAR file ( in the /tmp directory with assets mybinary and /locale.

Example 2:

blackberry-nativepackager -package -buildId buildId.txt -sign -storepass 123456 bar-descriptor.xml mybinary icon.png
This example creates a signed BAR file ( for publishing with assets mybinary and icon.png.