icon element


<icon src="string" />


The <icon> element specifies a custom icon for a BlackBerry WebWorks app. The icon that you specify in the src attribute is the app's icon that appears on the Home screen of the BlackBerry device. The icon must meet the requirements for custom or default icons.

This element is required.

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You can use the following attributes in this element:

Attribute Description

Specifies the path for an image file in the app archive.

This attribute is required.

BlackBerry PlayBook icons

  • The <icon> element is required for BlackBerry PlayBook apps.
  • The icon image should be 24-bit PNG format with an alpha channel. For information about designing icons for BlackBerry PlayBook apps, see the BlackBerry PlayBook UI Guidelines.
<icon src="icons/appicon.png"/>

Last modified: 2013-08-29