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Port your Android app to a BlackBerry PlayBook


The process of porting your Android app to a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is relatively straightforward. In many cases, the only change you need to make is to resize your app icon before you submit your app to BlackBerry World. The BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps allows you to target the specifications of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in a single project. The following sections outline the main differences that you need to consider to bring your Android application to the BlackBerry PlayBook OS.

Icon sizes and orientation

One of the main differences to consider when you port your Android app to a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is the recommended icon size. The recommended icon size for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is 86 x 86 pixels.

For more information on adjusting your application icon for a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, see design guidelines for application icons.

You should also consider the different display orientations available for your app. BlackBerry tablets support portrait orientation and landscape orientation. Portrait is the default orientation, but you can use the accelerometer to detect orientation changes and rotate the display accordingly.

Screen resolution

If your app draws UI elements directly, you need to consider the screen resolution of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps scales your app to fit the screen.

The screen resolution for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is 1024 x 600 pixels.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Project structure

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet supports icons with a size of 86 x 86 pixels. You need to store the icon in the correct res/drawable folder:
  • BlackBerry PlayBook tablet: res/drawable-mdpi folder.

Supported APIs

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet APIs are a subset of the BlackBerry 10 APIs. For more information, see http://developer.blackberry.com/playbook/android/apisupport/ and the Android apps roadmap.

Testing your app

If you would like to test and debug your app without a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you can use a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet simulator.