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Getting Started

The BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps allows you to run Android apps on a BlackBerry Tablet OS. With this runtime, Android developers can reach a brand new set of potential customers. Conversely, BlackBerry PlayBook tablet users will also be able to access a whole new array of applications on their devices.

With just a few steps, you can repackage your Android apps to the BAR file format that the BlackBerry Tablet OSuses. Then you're ready to get your apps into the BlackBerry World storefront and onto the devices of BlackBerry users.

android_getting_started_diagram http://developer.blackberry.com/android/bpaa Create a BlackBerry ID Token Set up your test environment Adjust your Android application Choose your app repackaging tool Publish to BlackBerry World
  1. Check your application for compatibility
  2. Create a BlackBerry ID token
  3. Set up your test environment
  4. Adjust your application
  5. Choose a repackaging tool
  6. Publish application on BlackBerry World