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Overview of Android API support

When you test your app's compatibility level using the provided tools, the tools compare the features of your app with the features outlined in the following sections and generates a warning for each unsupported feature it encounters. Warnings range from mild (level 1) to severe (level 5). Apps that receive no warnings higher than level 1 are considered compatible. Apps which receive warnings of level 2 or higher generally considered to be incompatible with the BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps.


In all cases, you should fully test your converted app on a BlackBerry PlayBook or simulator to make sure it is functional and usable before submitting your app to BlackBerry World. Apps that fail to meet RIM's quality standards will not be permitted for sale.


Note that users will not be able to make in-app purchases through the Android Market on BlackBerry Runtime for Android apps. However, in-app purchases are supported through BlackBerry World. We highly recommend that you modify your application to remove any dependency on the Android Market, before submitting your application. Applications that heavily rely on Android Market, where the usability is significantly impacted by the inability to access the Android Market, will be rejected by BlackBerry World.

Visit the Android Developer site for a full list of APIs, components and tools.