Displaying data in lists

The BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK contains convenient and flexible list implementations that you can use to display data and to provide the user with a selectable, scrollable list of input choices.

The qnx.fuse.ui.listClasses package contains classes that you can use to create a number of different list types, with each list inheriting from the base List class.

Class Description
List The List class is the base list class that provides simple list functionality. You can use the ListSelectionMode class to define how the user interacts with the list, and the ScrollDirection class to define how the list scrolls.
RoundList The RoundList class is a simple list class that has no scroll bar, and continues to scroll from the beginning after the final cell is reached.
SectionList The SectionList class is a list implementation that contains sections, where each section contains zero or more list items.
TileList The TileList displays list items laid out in a grid format.
SectionTileList The SectionTileList class is a variation of the SectionList that uses tiles instead of list items.
DropDown The DropDown class is a simple drop-down list implementation.