Turn the Wi-Fi radio power on or off while the device is in client STA operational mode.


#include <wifi/wifi_service.h>
WIFI_API int wifi_set_sta_power(bool on_off)



If true the power will be turned on, if false the power will be turned off.




The wifi_set_sta_power() function attempts to set the Wi-Fi radio power. When the device is in an operational mode other than client STA this function fails, errno is set to EBUSY, and the Wi-Fi power remains unchanged. Additional restrictions apply to power off requests if, for example, Wi-Fi is the default route for one of the perimeters, or if an application is explicitly bound to the Wi-Fi interface. In such cases the power off request fails and errno is set to EBUSY.

When the function returns successfully in response to a power-on request the device will operate in the client STA mode.


WIFI_SUCCESS upon success, WIFI_FAILURE with errno set otherwise.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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