Run the smart card or smart card reader driver.


#include <smartcard_spi/SmartCardDriverManager.hpp>
virtual sc_response_code_t smartcard_spi::SmartCardDriverManager::runDriver()=0


BlackBerry 10.3.0



libscs (For the qcc command, use the -l scs option to link against this library)


This function runs the smart card or smart card reader driver. By calling this function, the driver provides threads to the smart card framework to operate the driver. This function will not return unless the driver no longer needs to run or a catastrophic failure occurs.

If the driver no longer needs to run, all calls to will return with the SCARD_S_SUCCESS return code. It is expected that the driver main function will then exit, and the driver process will terminate. The driver process will be restarted when needed.

At least 2 threads should be passed in. Having 4 threads is recommended.


If successful, SCARD_S_SUCCESS is returned. Otherwise, an error code is returned.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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