Retrieve key store data.


#include <smartcard_spi/SmartCardCryptoProvider.hpp>
virtual sc_response_code_t smartcard_spi::SmartCardCryptoProvider::getKeyStoreData(sc_key_store_data_t **keyStoreDataElements, unsigned int &numKeyStoreDataElements)


BlackBerry 10.3.0



The array of key store data pointers. The array should be allocated by the caller, and it will be populated by this function. The sc_key_store_data_t instances should be pre-allocated by the caller. If NULL, only the number of elements will be returned.


On input, specifies the length of keyStoreDataElements array allocated by the caller. The number of pre-allocated key store data elements should be no less than keyStoreDataElementsLength. On output, specifies the number of key store data elements available.


libscs (For the qcc command, use the -l scs option to link against this library)


This function retrieves key store data associated with the keys stored on the card. The returned collection of key store data describes all private and symmetric keys stored on the card including any certificates associated with those keys.


If successful, SC_SCARD_S_SUCCESS is returned. Otherwise, an error code is returned.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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