This method requests display of leaderboard view.


#include <scoreloop/scui_client.h>
SC_DEPRECATED SC_PUBLISHED_WEAKLY SC_Error_t SCUI_Client_ShowLeaderboardView(SCUI_Client_h self, unsigned int modeSelected, SCUI_LeaderboardType_t listSelected, SC_Score_h optionalScore)


BlackBerry 10.2.0

Deprecated in BlackBerry 10.3.0



An opaque handle for the current SCUI_Client instance.


The mode to show up at start.


Type of leaderboard selected to display at start (global/friends'/24h).


The score object that is submitted before showing the view.


libscoreloopcore (For the qcc command, use the -l scoreloopcore option to link against this library)


This method displays the leaderboard view. The view is shown asynchronously and will automatically capture all user interactions over the whole screen. It displays a navigable list of scores of 3 leaderboards (Global, Friends, 24h). There are also some optional parameters available helping in customization of displayed data, however all the rest information (like: score-formatter definition, user logins and images) are downloaded from Scoreloop server dynamically. It is possible to define:
  • active mode and score list at startup
  • and submit a score

When the screen is dismissed, the callback will inform about it with SCUI_RESULT_OK.

Before showing the UI, establishing a valid session with Scoreloop is performed, if not yet done. This might introduce a random delay between call to this method and actual view display.


SC_Error_t A return code (SC_OK indicates success, any other value indicates an error).

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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