This method requests the display of the create challenge view.


#include <scoreloop/scui_client.h>
SC_DEPRECATED SC_PUBLISHED_WEAKLY SC_Error_t SCUI_Client_ShowChallengeCreateView(SCUI_Client_h self)


BlackBerry 10.2.0

Deprecated in BlackBerry 10.3.0



An opaque handle for the current SCUI_Client instance.


libscoreloopcore (For the qcc command, use the -l scoreloopcore option to link against this library)


This method will display a view that lets the user create a new challenge.

The view is shown asynchronously and will automatically capture all user interactions over the whole screen. When the user starts a challenge, the view-result-callback will be called with a result value of SCUI_RESULT_START_CHALLENGE.

In this case, the data argument of the view-result-callback is of type SC_Challenge_h (you will have to cast it to this type). You have to start a gameplay with the configuration of the challenge and once the game play is done, call SCUI_Client_ShowChallengeSubmitView. providing the same SC_Challenge_h object together with the score the user gained during the game play.


SC_Error_t A return code (SC_OK indicates success, any other value indicates an error).

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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