Instances of SC_ScoresController retrieve lists of scores from the server.

Use Case 1: Load the list of Scores from the server:
  1. Get an instance of SC_Client.

  2. Use the client instance to call SC_Client_CreateScoresController().

  3. Search criteria can be set as follows: Specify the search list for the controller by calling SC_ScoresController_SetSearchList(). You can specify the following search lists:



  4. Set the mode for the controller by calling SC_ScoresController_SetMode().

  5. Wait for a successful server response via delegate callbacks.

  6. Once the request is complete, access the scores that were returned by calling SC_ScoresController_GetScores().

Use Case 2: Navigate or page through additional scores:
  1. Call SC_ScoresController_HasNextRange() and SC_ScoresController_HasPreviousRange() to determine if it is possible to page.

  2. Use SC_ScoresController_LoadNextRange() or SC_ScoresController_LoadPreviousRange() to request the next or previous list of scores from the server.

  3. After a successful server response, access the SC_Scores_list that was returned, by calling SC_ScoresController_GetScores().

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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