The SC_MessageController is used to post messages to a set of social networks or other receivers.

Posted messages usually refer to some Scoreloop-related event such as:
  • Achieving a score

  • Creating a challenge

  • Winning a challenge

  • Achieving an award

  • Inviting someone to join Scoreloop.

  1. Posting to social network is not supported on Blackberry.

  2. Where applicable, the user has to be logged in to the social network to be able to post messages.

Basic use: To post a message to a social network:
  1. First check that the user is already connected to a social network. To do this, use the SC_SocialController_IsConnectedToSocialNetwork() API.

  2. If the user is not connected, connect by calling SC_SocialController_ConnectToSocialNetwork().

  3. Once connected, create an instance of SC_MessageController by calling SC_Client_CreateMessageController().

  4. Add receivers to the message by calling one of the following add receiver APIs:
  5. Call SC_MessageController_SubmitMessage() to post the message.

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Last modified: 2014-05-14

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