Instances of SC_Game model the game application.

Games must be registered at, where they are assigned a unique game-id and game secret, and where you can configure additional game properties.

SC_Game provides access to the game identifier and game secret that were assigned by Scoreloop when you registered the game.

Basic Usage:
  1. Get an instance of SC_Client.

  2. Use the Client object to call SC_Client_GetGame(), which returns the game instance associated with the client.

  3. Alternatively,
    • Use the Client object to call SC_Client_GetSession() and retrieve the current session object. An instance of SC_Session is created transparently when the client is created.

    • Use the session instance to call SC_Session_GetGame(). This returns the current game instance.

  4. Use this game instance to access individual game properties:

Last modified: 2014-09-29

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