Instances of SC_ChallengesController retrieves lists of challenges on behalf of the current session user from the Scoreloop servers.

Two separate lists may be retrieved:
  • List of challenges currently available to the user to play.

  • List of past challenges associated with the user (This list consists of all challenges completed by the user, and any direct challenges created by the user).

Some of the basic Use Cases are listed below:

Use Case 1: Load the list of Challenges from the server:
  1. Get an instance of SC_Client.

  2. Use the client instance to call SC_Client_CreateChallengesController().

  3. To request the appropriate challenge list, you can call one of the methods below:
  4. Await a successful server response via delegate callbacks.

  5. After a successful request, the challenges will be loaded into SC_ChallengeList which can be Access by calling SC_ChallengesController_GetChallenges().

With SC_ChallengesController_LoadPastChallenges(), you can set the range to the number of entries to be retrieved from the server.

Use Case 2: Navigate or page through additional challenges:
  1. Call SC_ChallengesController_HasNextRange() or SC_ChallengesController_HasPreviousRange() to determine if it is possible to page.

  2. Use SC_ChallengesController_LoadNextRange() or SC_ChallengesController_LoadPreviousRange() to request the next or previous list of challenges from the server.

  3. After a successful server response, access the SC_ChallengeList that was returned, by calling .

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Last modified: 2014-05-14

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