The SC_AchievementsController is used to retrieve lists of achievements from the server.

The SC_AchievementsController provides access to the achievements information for any game and any user.

Note that if you want to use the SC_AchievementsController_LoadAchievements() method, you must configure awards for your game at . Part of the configuration process includes choosing a unique reverse DNS identifier for every award. Once awards are configured, Scoreloop generates an awards bundle, which you must add to your game projects. This provides local access to information about the configured awards, such as their identifiers and achieving values.

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  1. Get a new instance of SC_AchievementsController or reuse an existing one.

  2. Call SC_AchievementsController_LoadAchievements() to make the request:

  3. Await notification of success using delegate callbacks.

  4. After a successful request, access the SC_Achievement objects that are retrieved by calling SC_AchievementsController_GetAchievements().

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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