Instances of SC_RankingController are used to retrieve the rank for a given user or score.

The rank represents the position of a user or score on a particular leaderboard.

Use Case: Retrieve the ranking of a User or Score:
  1. Get an instance of SC_Client.

  2. Use the client instance to get an instance of SC_RankingController by calling SC_Client_CreateRankingController().

  3. Set the searchlist for the SC_RankingController using the SC_RankingController_SetSearchList() method.

  4. Await a successful server response via delegate callbacks.

  5. After a successful server response, access the requested rank by calling SC_RankingController_GetRanking().

  6. If you wish to display the highest score associated with a user, you could call SC_RankingController_GetScore(), which would return the score object associated with the user.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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