Render an HDR photo in offline mode.


#include <camera/camera_hdr.h>
camera_error_t camera_hdr_render(camera_hdr_t hdr,                 
                                 camera_buffer_t **image,                 
                                 camera_hdr_rendertype_t rendertype)


BlackBerry 10.3.0



The HDR session handle obtained from a call to camera_hdr_create().


The returned pointer to the rendered HDR image buffer. Use camera_hdr_free_buffer() to free the buffer when finished.


The rendering type that is defined by camera_hdr_rendertype_t.


libcamerafeatures (For the qcc command, use the -l camerafeatures option to link against this library)


Render an HDR photo using the supplied images and HDR session configuration settings. You can call this function multiple times with different rendertype arguments to generate different sized output images. This function is blocking. It is the caller's responsibility to release the returned photo buffer using camera_hdr_free_buffer().

This function can only be used in Offline HDR rendering mode.

Note: This function should not be called from within the context of an executing camera callback function due to the fact that it may block the caller for a substantial amount of time while rendering completes. Doing so can lead to dropped frames in your callback functions. See camera_api.h for more information on using callback functions.


CAMERA_EOK when the function successfully completes, otherwise another camera_error_t value that provides the reason that the call failed.

Last modified: 2014-06-24

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