The structure is used to convey image data between the API and an application.


#include <camera/camera_api.h>
typedef struct  {
    camera_frametype_t frametype ;
    uint64_t framesize ;
    uint8_t * framebuf ;
    uint64_t framemetasize ;
    void * framemeta ;
    int64_t frametimestamp ;
    int32_t frameorientation ;
    uint32_t reserved [4];
    camera_framedesc_t framedesc ;


camera_frametype_t frametype
The type of frame descriptor that is used to distinguish between members of the camera_framedesc_t union.
uint64_t framesize
The size of the camera_buffer_t.
uint8_t * framebuf
A pointer to the frame data.
uint64_t framemetasize
The size of the metadata frame.
void * framemeta
A pointer to the metadata frame.
int64_t frametimestamp
The timestamp when the buffer was filled.

The timestamp is referenced to the system monotonic clock (CLOCK_MONOTONIC).

int32_t frameorientation
The rotation delta from the default device orientation.

The rotation is measured in degrees, clockwise.

uint32_t reserved
For internal use.

Do not use.

camera_framedesc_t framedesc
The union which describes the geometry of the image data being reported by the framebuf field in this structure.




This task can include handling buffers in callbacks and all functions that utilize buffers.

Last modified: 2013-12-21

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