Definitions in camera_api.h

Preprocessor macro definitions for the camera_api.h header file in the Camera library.


The version of the Camera library.

The version is used for IPC handshaking and communication between the application and the camera service. You can compare CAMERA_API_VERSION with the value returned by the camera_get_api_version() function to determine if the runtime library is different from the version your application was compiled with. Differences may indicate potential incompatibilities.

A safe-initializer value for camera_handle_t values.

Use this value to check that correct initialization occurred and whether a call to the camera_open() function was successful. A camera handle should be set to this value during initialization or when the handle is closed.

The maximum length of a filename returned by camera-roll functions.

The value is useful for you to determine the largest char* buffer to allocate. The camera roll is a directory where photo and video files can be saved.

The maximum size, in bytes, of the frame descriptor.

Last modified: 2014-01-16

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