Set the verbosity of logging for platform services.


#include <bps/bps.h>
BPS_API void bps_set_verbosity(unsigned verbosity)


BlackBerry 10.0.0


The desired verbosity. Use the following values:
  • 0: Shutdown and Critical messages are logged.
  • 1: Shutdown, Critical, Error and Warning messages are logged.
  • 2: Shutdown, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice and Info messages are logged. This is the default verbosity.
  • 3: Shutdown, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice, Info, Debug1 and Debug2 messages are logged.


libbps (For the qcc command, use the -l bps option to link against this library)


The bps_set_verbosity() function sets the verbosity (level of detail) of logging for BPS. Logs are sent to slog2's default buffer with code 8900. BPS will setup a default slog2 buffer to use if one is not set. The bps_set_verbosity() function simply changes the verbosity setting of slog2's default buffer.

Logs can be viewed by using the slog2info utility from a shell prompt on the device or in the Device Log window in the Momentics IDE.

Often, the details in the log file explain the reason for receiving a BPS_FAILURE value.



Last modified: 2014-09-30

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