Display information in a customized list view in your apps.

Lists are an integral part of most application UIs. The Cascades framework uses the model-view-controller design pattern to display data in a list. You can use the classes in this category to create the list view and provide items to display. You can use predefined list items and headers, or you can customize each list item and provide your own look and feel. You can also specify the behavior of your lists by setting options such as flick mode and snap mode.

Additional resources

To learn more about lists and how to use them in your apps, visit the Lists documentation.


  • CustomListItem -

    Represents a list item with a highlight, a divider, and user-specified content.

  • FlickMode -

    Represents different types of flick modes for a ListView.

  • Header -

    A header that is used for grouping or clustering items in a list.

  • HeaderMode -

    A class that represents the different modes of a Header.

  • HighlightAppearance -

    Represents a highlight appearance for a CustomListItem.

  • ListItemComponent -

    Specifies a QML template used by a ListView to display items.

  • ListItemListener -

    An optional interface for VisualNodes used as items in a ListView.

  • ListItemProvider -

    An interface for providing VisualNode objects as items in a ListView.

  • ListItemTypeMapper -

    An interface for determining the type of each item in a ListView.

  • ListScrollStateHandler -

    Listens for scroll state changes on a ListView.

  • ListView -

    A scrollable container used to display a list of items.

  • ListViewStickToEdgePolicy -

    Represents the different policies of maintaining edge positions for the ListView.

  • RearrangeHandler -

    The object type of the rearrange handler used to manage rearrange sessions.

  • RearrangeMoveEndEvent -

    The object type used for events passed with the signals RearrangeHandler::moveEnded and RearrangeHandler::moveAborted).

  • RearrangeMoveStartEvent -

    The object type used for events passed with the signal RearrangeHandler::moveStarted().

  • RearrangeMoveUpdateEvent -

    The object type used for events passed with the signal RearrangeHandler::moveUpdated().

  • ScrollPosition -

    Represents different scroll positions used in a list.

  • SnapMode -

    Represents different types of snap modes for a ListView.

  • StandardListItem -

    An item with a set of common properties to be displayed in a list.

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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