Learn about the core essentials of a Cascades application and base classes for most controls.

The Cascades framework contains some underlying classes that are the foundation of the UI system. You can use the properties, functions, and signals of these base classes to learn about what makes Cascades tick, and you can also handle different events that occur to these objects. This category also contains classes that let you change the Active Frame (or cover) that's displayed when your app is minimized.

Additional resources

To learn more about base classes in Cascades, visit the Cascades fundamentals documentation. To learn more about Active Frames, visit the Active Frames documentation.


  • AbstractCover -

    Abstract base class for cover implementations.

  • ApplicationViewCover -

    Cover which displays a scaled down or cropped version of the app as cover.

  • BaseObject -

    The base object for the classes in the framework.

  • CoverDetailLevel -

    A class representing cover detail level options.

  • MultiCover -

    A class that allows you to specify multiple sizes of covers.

  • SceneCover -

    Renders a non-interactive scene graph that is displayed when the application is in cover mode.

  • UIConfig -

    Provides UI configuration properties for a UiObject.

  • UIObject -

    The base for all Cascades UI classes.

  • UIOrientation -

    Represents the orientation of the UI.

  • ValidationState -

    Represents the validation state of the Validator.

  • Validator -

    A default validation class that's used to validate some controls (currently, only TextField is supported).

  • VisualNode -

    A visual node in the scene graph.

Last modified: 2014-09-30

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