• A11yComponentActivationEvent -

    Represents an activation event from an assistive technology.

  • A11yComponentActivationType -

    Provides an enumeration describing the different types of activations that can be performed through accessibility.

  • A11yMode -

    A set of modes used to specify how a control and its subtree are exposed to assistive technologies.

  • A11yRole -

    A set of roles that can be used on accessibility objects for use with assistive technologies.

  • A11yState -

    Represents different accessible states which specifies the state of an accessible control through its accessibility object.

  • A11yStateHolder -

    Holds the state of an accessibility object.

  • A11yValueAdjustmentType -

    Represents different ways a value can be adjusted.

  • AbstractA11yObject -

    Defines a control's accessibility properties.

  • AbstractA11ySpecialization -

    Class defining an abstract accessibility specialization.

  • ComponentA11ySpecialization -

    Class defining a "component" accessibility specialization.

  • CustomA11yObject -

    Accessibility object that can be used to implement custom accessibility behavior.

  • ValueA11ySpecialization -

    Class defining a "Value" accessibility specialization.

Last modified: 2014-05-14

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