#include <QtCore/QXmlStreamWriter>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QXmlStreamWriter


Public Functions Index

QXmlStreamWriter ()
QXmlStreamWriter (QIODevice *device)
QXmlStreamWriter (QByteArray *array)
QXmlStreamWriter (QString *string)
~QXmlStreamWriter ()
boolautoFormatting () const
intautoFormattingIndent () const
QTextCodec *codec () const
QIODevice *device () const
boolhasError () const
voidsetAutoFormatting (bool)
voidsetAutoFormattingIndent (int spacesOrTabs)
voidsetCodec (QTextCodec *codec)
voidsetCodec (const char *codecName)
voidsetDevice (QIODevice *device)
voidwriteAttribute (const QString &qualifiedName, const QString &value)
voidwriteAttribute (const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &name, const QString &value)
voidwriteAttribute (const QXmlStreamAttribute &attribute)
voidwriteAttributes (const QXmlStreamAttributes &attributes)
voidwriteCDATA (const QString &text)
voidwriteCharacters (const QString &text)
voidwriteComment (const QString &text)
voidwriteCurrentToken (const QXmlStreamReader &reader)
voidwriteDefaultNamespace (const QString &namespaceUri)
voidwriteDTD (const QString &dtd)
voidwriteEmptyElement (const QString &qualifiedName)
voidwriteEmptyElement (const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &name)
voidwriteEndDocument ()
voidwriteEndElement ()
voidwriteEntityReference (const QString &name)
voidwriteNamespace (const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &prefix=QString())
voidwriteProcessingInstruction (const QString &target, const QString &data=QString())
voidwriteStartDocument ()
voidwriteStartDocument (const QString &version)
voidwriteStartDocument (const QString &version, bool standalone)
voidwriteStartElement (const QString &qualifiedName)
voidwriteStartElement (const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &name)
voidwriteTextElement (const QString &qualifiedName, const QString &text)
voidwriteTextElement (const QString &namespaceUri, const QString &name, const QString &text)

Public Functions

QXmlStreamWriter ()

QXmlStreamWriter (

QXmlStreamWriter (

QXmlStreamWriter (

~QXmlStreamWriter ()


bool autoFormatting ()

int autoFormattingIndent ()

QTextCodec * codec ()

QIODevice * device ()

bool hasError ()

void setAutoFormatting (
  • bool)

void setAutoFormattingIndent (
  • intspacesOrTabs)

void setCodec (

void setCodec (
  • const char *codecName)

void setDevice (

void writeAttribute (

void writeAttribute (

void writeAttribute (

void writeAttributes (

void writeCDATA (

void writeCharacters (

void writeComment (

void writeCurrentToken (

void writeDefaultNamespace (

void writeDTD (

void writeEmptyElement (

void writeEmptyElement (

void writeEndDocument ()

void writeEndElement ()

void writeEntityReference (

void writeNamespace (

void writeProcessingInstruction (

void writeStartDocument ()

void writeStartDocument (

void writeStartDocument (
  • const QString &version,
  • boolstandalone )

void writeStartElement (

void writeStartElement (

void writeTextElement (

void writeTextElement (

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