#include <QtXml/QXmlSimpleReader>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QXmlSimpleReader




Public Functions Index

QXmlSimpleReader ()
virtual ~QXmlSimpleReader ()
virtual QXmlContentHandler *contentHandler () const
virtual QXmlDeclHandler *declHandler () const
virtual QXmlDTDHandler *DTDHandler () const
virtual QXmlEntityResolver *entityResolver () const
virtual QXmlErrorHandler *errorHandler () const
virtual boolfeature (const QString &name, bool *ok=0) const
virtual boolhasFeature (const QString &name) const
virtual boolhasProperty (const QString &name) const
virtual QXmlLexicalHandler *lexicalHandler () const
virtual boolparse (const QXmlInputSource &input)
virtual boolparse (const QXmlInputSource *input)
virtual boolparse (const QXmlInputSource *input, bool incremental)
virtual boolparseContinue ()
virtual void *property (const QString &name, bool *ok=0) const
virtual voidsetContentHandler (QXmlContentHandler *handler)
virtual voidsetDeclHandler (QXmlDeclHandler *handler)
virtual voidsetDTDHandler (QXmlDTDHandler *handler)
virtual voidsetEntityResolver (QXmlEntityResolver *handler)
virtual voidsetErrorHandler (QXmlErrorHandler *handler)
virtual voidsetFeature (const QString &name, bool value)
virtual voidsetLexicalHandler (QXmlLexicalHandler *handler)
virtual voidsetProperty (const QString &name, void *value)

Public Functions

QXmlSimpleReader ()

virtual~QXmlSimpleReader ()


virtualQXmlContentHandler * contentHandler ()

virtualQXmlDeclHandler * declHandler ()

virtualQXmlDTDHandler * DTDHandler ()

virtualQXmlEntityResolver * entityResolver ()

virtualQXmlErrorHandler * errorHandler ()

virtual bool feature (

virtual bool hasFeature (

virtual bool hasProperty (

virtualQXmlLexicalHandler * lexicalHandler ()

virtual bool parse (

virtual bool parse (

virtual bool parse (

virtual bool parseContinue ()

virtual void * property (

virtual void setContentHandler (

virtual void setDeclHandler (

virtual void setDTDHandler (

virtual void setEntityResolver (

virtual void setErrorHandler (

virtual void setFeature (

virtual void setLexicalHandler (

virtual void setProperty (

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