#include <QtXml/QXmlSerializer>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QXmlSerializer



Protected Attributes Index

Only has inherited protected attributes

QScopedPointer< QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate >d_ptrInherited

Public Functions Index

QXmlSerializer (const QXmlQuery &query, QIODevice *outputDevice)
virtual voidatomicValue (const QVariant &value)
virtual voidattribute (const QXmlName &name, const QStringRef &value)
virtual voidcharacters (const QStringRef &value)
const QTextCodec *codec () const
virtual voidcomment (const QString &value)
virtual voidendDocument ()
virtual voidendElement ()
virtual voidendOfSequence ()
virtual voiditem (const QPatternist::Item &item)
virtual voidnamespaceBinding (const QXmlName &nb)
QIODevice *outputDevice () const
virtual voidprocessingInstruction (const QXmlName &name, const QString &value)
voidsetCodec (const QTextCodec *codec)
virtual voidstartDocument ()
virtual voidstartElement (const QXmlName &name)
virtual voidstartOfSequence ()
QAbstractXmlReceiver ()Inherited
virtual voidwhitespaceOnly (const QStringRef &value)Inherited

Protected Functions Index

QXmlSerializer (QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate *d)
QAbstractXmlReceiver (QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate *d)Inherited
voidsendAsNode (const QPatternist::Item &outputItem)Inherited

Protected Attributes

(Only has inherited protected attributes)

QScopedPointer< QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate > d_ptr ()Inherited

Public Functions

QXmlSerializer (

virtual void atomicValue (

virtual void attribute (

virtual void characters (

const QTextCodec * codec ()

virtual void comment (

virtual void endDocument ()

virtual void endElement ()

virtual void endOfSequence ()

virtual void item (
  • const QPatternist::Item &item)

virtual void namespaceBinding (

QIODevice * outputDevice ()

virtual void processingInstruction (

void setCodec (

virtual void startDocument ()

virtual void startElement (

virtual void startOfSequence ()

QAbstractXmlReceiver ()Inherited

virtual void whitespaceOnly (Inherited

Protected Functions

QXmlSerializer (
  • QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate *d)

QAbstractXmlReceiver (
  • QAbstractXmlReceiverPrivate *d)

void sendAsNode (
  • const QPatternist::Item &outputItem)

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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