#include <QtXml/QXmlName>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QXmlName


Public Types Index


Public Functions Index

QXmlName ()
QXmlName (QXmlNamePool &namePool, const QString &localName, const QString &namespaceURI=QString(), const QString &prefix=QString())
QXmlName (const NamespaceCode uri, const LocalNameCode ln, const PrefixCode p=0)
Codecode () const
boolhasNamespace () const
boolhasPrefix () const
boolisLexicallyEqual (const QXmlName &other) const
boolisNull () const
QStringlocalName (const QXmlNamePool &query) const
LocalNameCodelocalName () const
QStringnamespaceUri (const QXmlNamePool &query) const
NamespaceCodenamespaceURI () const
booloperator!= (const QXmlName &other) const
QXmlName &operator= (const QXmlName &other)
booloperator== (const QXmlName &other) const
QStringprefix (const QXmlNamePool &query) const
PrefixCodeprefix () const
voidsetLocalName (const LocalNameCode c)
voidsetNamespaceURI (const NamespaceCode c)
voidsetPrefix (const PrefixCode c)
QStringtoClarkName (const QXmlNamePool &query) const

Static Public Functions Index

QXmlNamefromClarkName (const QString &clarkName, const QXmlNamePool &namePool)
boolisNCName (const QString &candidate)

Public Types

typedef qint64 Code

typedef NamespaceCode LocalNameCode

typedef qint16 NamespaceCode

typedef NamespaceCode PrefixCode

Public Functions

QXmlName ()

QXmlName (

QXmlName (
  • const NamespaceCodeuri,
  • const LocalNameCodeln,
  • const PrefixCodep )

Code code ()

bool hasNamespace ()

bool hasPrefix ()

bool isLexicallyEqual (

bool isNull ()

QString localName (

LocalNameCode localName ()

QString namespaceUri (

NamespaceCode namespaceURI ()

bool operator!= (

QXmlName & operator= (

bool operator== (

QString prefix (

PrefixCode prefix ()

void setLocalName (
  • const LocalNameCodec)

void setNamespaceURI (
  • const NamespaceCodec)

void setPrefix (
  • const PrefixCodec)

QString toClarkName (

Static Public Functions

QXmlName fromClarkName (

bool isNCName (

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