Since: 1.0

#include <QtLocationSubset/QGeoSatelliteInfo>

The QGeoSatelliteInfo class contains basic information about a satellite.


Public Types Index

enum Attribute

Elevation, Azimuth

Public Functions Index

QGeoSatelliteInfo ()
QGeoSatelliteInfo (const QGeoSatelliteInfo &other)
~QGeoSatelliteInfo ()
qrealattribute (Attribute attribute) const
boolhasAttribute (Attribute attribute) const
booloperator!= (const QGeoSatelliteInfo &other) const
QGeoSatelliteInfo &operator= (const QGeoSatelliteInfo &other)
booloperator== (const QGeoSatelliteInfo &other) const
intprnNumber () const
voidremoveAttribute (Attribute attribute)
voidsetAttribute (Attribute attribute, qreal value)
voidsetPrnNumber (int prn)
voidsetSignalStrength (int signalStrength)
intsignalStrength () const

Public Types


Defines the attributes for the satellite information.

Elevation The elevation of the satellite, in degrees. Azimuth The azimuth to true north, in degrees.


Public Functions

QGeoSatelliteInfo ()

Creates a satellite information object.

QGeoSatelliteInfo (

Creates a satellite information object with the values of other.

~QGeoSatelliteInfo ()


qreal attribute (

Returns the value of the specified attribute as a qreal value.

bool hasAttribute (

Returns true if the specified attribute is present in this update.

bool operator!= (

Returns true if any of the information for this satellite is not the same as that of other.

QGeoSatelliteInfo & operator= (

Assigns the values from other to this object.

bool operator== (

Returns true if all the information for this satellite are the same as those of other.

int prnNumber ()

Returns the PRN (Pseudo-random noise) number, or -1 if the value has not been set.

void removeAttribute (

Removes the specified attribute and its value.

void setAttribute (

Sets the value for attribute to value.

void setPrnNumber (
  • intprn)

Sets the PRN (Pseudo-random noise) number to prn.

The PRN number can be used to identify a satellite.

void setSignalStrength (
  • intsignalStrength)

Sets the signal strength to signalStrength, in decibels.

int signalStrength ()

Returns the signal strength, or -1 if the value has not been set.

Last modified: 2015-01-22

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