Since: 1.1

#include <QtLocationSubset/QGeoBoundingArea>

The QGeoBoundingArea class defines a geographic area.

This class is the base class for classes which specify a geographic area.

For the sake of consistency, subclasses should describe the specific details of the associated areas in terms of QGeoCoordinate instances and distances in metres.



Public Types Index

enum AreaType

BoxType, CircleType

Public Functions Index

virtual ~QGeoBoundingArea ()
boolcontains (const QGeoCoordinate &coordinate) const =0
boolisEmpty () const =0
boolisValid () const =0
AreaTypetype () const =0

Public Types


Describes the type of a bounding area.

BoxType A box shaped bounding area.

CircleType A circular bounding area.


Public Functions

virtual~QGeoBoundingArea ()


bool contains (

Returns whether the coordinate coordinate is contained within this area.

bool isEmpty ()

Returns whether this bounding area is empty.

An empty area is a region which has a geometrical area of 0.

bool isValid ()

Returns whether this bounding area is valid.

An area is considered to be invalid if some of the data that is required to unambiguously describe the area has not been set or has been set to an unsuitable value.

AreaType type ()

Returns the type of this area.

Last modified: 2015-01-22

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