#include <QtCore/QtConcurrent/IterateKernel>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QtConcurrent::IterateKernel


Public Types Index

Protected Attributes Index

Only has inherited protected attributes

QFutureInterfaceBase *futureInterfaceInherited
QThreadPool *threadPoolInherited

Public Functions Index

IterateKernel (Iterator _begin, Iterator _end)
virtual ~IterateKernel ()
ThreadFunctionResultforThreadFunction ()
virtual boolrunIteration (Iterator it, int index, T *result)
virtual boolrunIterations (Iterator _begin, int beginIndex, int endIndex, T *results)
virtual boolshouldStartThread ()
virtual voidstart ()
virtual ThreadFunctionResultthreadFunction ()
ThreadFunctionResultwhileThreadFunction ()
voidacquireBarrierSemaphore ()Inherited
virtual voidasynchronousFinish ()Inherited
boolautoDelete () const Inherited
QFutureInterface< T > *futureInterfaceTyped ()Inherited
boolisCanceled ()Inherited
boolisProgressReportingEnabled ()Inherited
QRunnable ()Inherited
voidreportResult (const T *_result, int index=-1)Inherited
voidreportResults (const QVector< T > &_result, int index=-1, int count=-1)Inherited
virtual T *result ()Inherited
voidsetAutoDelete (bool _autoDelete)Inherited
voidsetProgressRange (int minimum, int maximum)Inherited
voidsetProgressValue (int progress)Inherited
QFuture< T >startAsynchronously ()Inherited
T *startBlocking ()Inherited
T *startSingleThreaded ()Inherited
voidstartThread ()Inherited
ThreadEngineBase ()Inherited
voidwaitForResume ()Inherited

Protected Functions Index

Only has inherited protected functions

virtual voidfinish ()Inherited
virtual boolshouldThrottleThread ()Inherited

Public Types

typedef T ResultType

Public Attributes

const Iterator begin ()

QAtomicInt completed ()

Iterator current ()

QAtomicInt currentIndex ()

const Iterator end ()

bool forIteration ()

int iterationCount ()

QAtomicInt iteratorThreads ()

bool progressReportingEnabled ()

Protected Attributes

(Only has inherited protected attributes)

QtConcurrent::internal::ExceptionStore exceptionStore ()Inherited

QFutureInterfaceBase * futureInterface ()Inherited

QThreadPool * threadPool ()Inherited

Public Functions

IterateKernel (
  • Iterator_begin,
  • Iterator_end )

virtual~IterateKernel ()


ThreadFunctionResult forThreadFunction ()

virtual bool runIteration (
  • Iteratorit,
  • intindex,
  • T *result )

virtual bool runIterations (
  • Iterator_begin,
  • intbeginIndex,
  • intendIndex,
  • T *results )

virtual bool shouldStartThread ()

virtual void start ()

virtual ThreadFunctionResult threadFunction ()

ThreadFunctionResult whileThreadFunction ()

void acquireBarrierSemaphore ()Inherited

virtual void asynchronousFinish ()Inherited

bool autoDelete ()Inherited

QFutureInterface< T > * futureInterfaceTyped ()Inherited

bool isCanceled ()Inherited

bool isProgressReportingEnabled ()Inherited

QRunnable ()Inherited

void reportResult (
  • const T *_result,
  • intindex )

void reportResults (
  • const QVector< T > &_result,
  • intindex,
  • intcount )

virtual T * result ()Inherited

void setAutoDelete (
  • bool_autoDelete)

void setProgressRange (
  • intminimum,
  • intmaximum )

void setProgressValue (
  • intprogress)

QFuture< T > startAsynchronously ()Inherited

T * startBlocking ()Inherited

T * startSingleThreaded ()Inherited

void startThread ()Inherited

ThreadEngineBase ()Inherited

void waitForResume ()Inherited

Protected Functions

(Only has inherited protected functions)

virtual void finish ()Inherited

virtual bool shouldThrottleThread ()Inherited

Last modified: 2015-03-26

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