#include <QtXml/QSimpleXmlNodeModel>

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Public Types Index

Only has inherited public types

QList< Ptr >List

enum NodeCopySetting

InheritNamespaces 0x1, PreserveNamespaces 0x2

QFlags< NodeCopySetting >NodeCopySettings
QExplicitlySharedDataPointer< QAbstractXmlNodeModel >Ptr

enum SimpleAxis

Parent, FirstChild, PreviousSibling, NextSibling

Public Attributes Index

Only has inherited public attributes


Protected Attributes Index

Only has inherited protected attributes

QScopedPointer< QAbstractXmlNodeModelPrivate >d_ptrInherited

Public Functions Index

QSimpleXmlNodeModel (const QXmlNamePool &namePool)
virtual ~QSimpleXmlNodeModel ()
virtual QUrlbaseUri (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &node) const
virtual QXmlNodeModelIndexelementById (const QXmlName &id) const
QXmlNamePool &namePool () const
virtual QVector< QXmlName >namespaceBindings (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &) const
virtual QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex >nodesByIdref (const QXmlName &idref) const
virtual QStringstringValue (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &node) const
QXmlNodeModelIndex::DocumentOrdercompareOrder (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni1, const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni2) const =0Inherited
virtual voidcopyNodeTo (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &node, QAbstractXmlReceiver *const receiver, const NodeCopySettings &) const Inherited
QUrldocumentUri (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const =0Inherited
virtual boolisDeepEqual (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni1, const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni2) const Inherited
virtual QExplicitlySharedDataPointer< QAbstractXmlForwardIterator< QXmlNodeModelIndex > >iterate (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni, QXmlNodeModelIndex::Axis axis) const Inherited
QXmlNodeModelIndex::NodeKindkind (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const =0Inherited
QXmlNamename (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const =0Inherited
virtual QXmlName::NamespaceCodenamespaceForPrefix (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni, const QXmlName::PrefixCode prefix) const Inherited
QAbstractXmlNodeModel ()Inherited
QSharedData ()Inherited
QSharedData (const QSharedData &)Inherited
QXmlNodeModelIndexroot (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const =0Inherited
virtual voidsendNamespaces (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n, QAbstractXmlReceiver *const receiver) const Inherited
virtual QPatternist::ItemIteratorPtrsequencedTypedValue (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const Inherited
QSourceLocationsourceLocation (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &index) const Inherited
virtual QPatternist::ItemTypePtrtype (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &ni) const Inherited
QVarianttypedValue (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &n) const =0Inherited

Protected Functions Index

Only has inherited protected functions

QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex >attributes (const QXmlNodeModelIndex &element) const =0Inherited
QXmlNodeModelIndexcreateIndex (qint64 data) const Inherited
QXmlNodeModelIndexcreateIndex (void *pointer, qint64 additionalData=0) const Inherited
QXmlNodeModelIndexcreateIndex (qint64 data, qint64 additionalData) const Inherited
QXmlNodeModelIndexnextFromSimpleAxis (SimpleAxis axis, const QXmlNodeModelIndex &origin) const =0Inherited
QAbstractXmlNodeModel (QAbstractXmlNodeModelPrivate *d)Inherited

Public Types

(Only has inherited public types)

typedef QList< Ptr > List Inherited

NodeCopySetting Inherited

InheritNamespaces 0x1
PreserveNamespaces 0x2

typedef QFlags< NodeCopySetting > NodeCopySettings Inherited

SimpleAxis Inherited


Public Attributes

(Only has inherited public attributes)

QAtomicInt ref ()Inherited

Protected Attributes

(Only has inherited protected attributes)

QScopedPointer< QAbstractXmlNodeModelPrivate > d_ptr ()Inherited

Public Functions

QSimpleXmlNodeModel (

virtual~QSimpleXmlNodeModel ()


virtualQUrl baseUri (

virtualQXmlNodeModelIndex elementById (

QXmlNamePool & namePool ()

virtualQVector< QXmlName > namespaceBindings (

virtualQVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex > nodesByIdref (

virtualQString stringValue (

QXmlNodeModelIndex::DocumentOrder compareOrder (Inherited

virtual void copyNodeTo (Inherited

QUrl documentUri (Inherited

virtual bool isDeepEqual (Inherited

virtualQExplicitlySharedDataPointer< QAbstractXmlForwardIterator< QXmlNodeModelIndex > > iterate (Inherited

QXmlNodeModelIndex::NodeKind kind (Inherited

QXmlName name (Inherited

virtual QXmlName::NamespaceCode namespaceForPrefix (Inherited

QAbstractXmlNodeModel ()Inherited

QSharedData ()Inherited

QSharedData (Inherited

virtual void sendNamespaces (Inherited

virtualQPatternist::ItemIteratorPtr sequencedTypedValue (Inherited

QSourceLocation sourceLocation (Inherited

QVariant typedValue (Inherited

Protected Functions

(Only has inherited protected functions)

QVector< QXmlNodeModelIndex > attributes (Inherited

QXmlNodeModelIndex createIndex (
  • qint64data)

QXmlNodeModelIndex createIndex (
  • void *pointer,
  • qint64additionalData )

QXmlNodeModelIndex createIndex (
  • qint64data,
  • qint64additionalData )

QXmlNodeModelIndex nextFromSimpleAxis (Inherited

QAbstractXmlNodeModel (
  • QAbstractXmlNodeModelPrivate *d)

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