#include <QtSql/QODBCResult>

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Public Functions Index

QODBCResult (const QODBCDriver *db, QODBCDriverPrivate *p)
virtual ~QODBCResult ()
virtual boolexec ()
virtual QVarianthandle () const
virtual boolprepare (const QString &query)
virtual voidsetForwardOnly (bool forward)

Protected Functions Index

virtual QVariantdata (int field)
virtual boolfetch (int i)
virtual boolfetchFirst ()
virtual boolfetchLast ()
virtual boolfetchNext ()
virtual boolfetchPrevious ()
virtual boolisNull (int field)
boolnextResult ()
virtual intnumRowsAffected ()
virtual QSqlRecordrecord () const
virtual boolreset (const QString &query)
virtual intsize ()
virtual voidvirtual_hook (int id, void *data)
voidaddBindValue (const QVariant &val, QSql::ParamType type)Inherited
intat () const Inherited
BindingSyntaxbindingSyntax () const Inherited
virtual voidbindValue (int pos, const QVariant &val, QSql::ParamType type)Inherited
virtual voidbindValue (const QString &placeholder, const QVariant &val, QSql::ParamType type)Inherited
QSql::ParamTypebindValueType (const QString &placeholder) const Inherited
QSql::ParamTypebindValueType (int pos) const Inherited
QVariantboundValue (const QString &placeholder) const Inherited
QVariantboundValue (int pos) const Inherited
intboundValueCount () const Inherited
QStringboundValueName (int pos) const Inherited
QVector< QVariant > &boundValues () const Inherited
voidclear ()Inherited
voiddetachFromResultSet ()Inherited
const QSqlDriver *driver () const Inherited
boolexecBatch (bool arrayBind=false)Inherited
QStringexecutedQuery () const Inherited
boolhasOutValues () const Inherited
boolisActive () const Inherited
boolisForwardOnly () const Inherited
boolisSelect () const Inherited
boolisValid () const Inherited
QSqlErrorlastError () const Inherited
virtual QVariantlastInsertId () const Inherited
QStringlastQuery () const Inherited
QSql::NumericalPrecisionPolicynumericalPrecisionPolicy () const Inherited
QSqlResult (const QSqlDriver *db)Inherited
virtual boolsavePrepare (const QString &sqlquery)Inherited
virtual voidsetActive (bool a)Inherited
virtual voidsetAt (int at)Inherited
virtual voidsetLastError (const QSqlError &e)Inherited
voidsetNumericalPrecisionPolicy (QSql::NumericalPrecisionPolicy policy)Inherited
virtual voidsetQuery (const QString &query)Inherited
virtual voidsetSelect (bool s)Inherited

Public Functions

QODBCResult (

virtual~QODBCResult ()


virtual bool exec ()

virtualQVariant handle ()

virtual bool prepare (

virtual void setForwardOnly (
  • boolforward)

Protected Functions

virtualQVariant data (
  • intfield)

virtual bool fetch (
  • inti)

virtual bool fetchFirst ()

virtual bool fetchLast ()

virtual bool fetchNext ()

virtual bool fetchPrevious ()

virtual bool isNull (
  • intfield)

bool nextResult ()

virtual int numRowsAffected ()

virtualQSqlRecord record ()

virtual bool reset (

virtual int size ()

virtual void virtual_hook (
  • intid,
  • void *data )

void addBindValue (
  • const QVariant &val,
  • QSql::ParamTypetype )

int at ()Inherited

BindingSyntax bindingSyntax ()Inherited

virtual void bindValue (
  • intpos,
  • const QVariant &val,
  • QSql::ParamTypetype )

virtual void bindValue (Inherited

QSql::ParamType bindValueType (Inherited

QSql::ParamType bindValueType (
  • intpos)

QVariant boundValue (Inherited

QVariant boundValue (
  • intpos)

int boundValueCount ()Inherited

QString boundValueName (
  • intpos)

QVector< QVariant > & boundValues ()Inherited

void clear ()Inherited

void detachFromResultSet ()Inherited

const QSqlDriver * driver ()Inherited

bool execBatch (
  • boolarrayBind)

QString executedQuery ()Inherited

bool hasOutValues ()Inherited

bool isActive ()Inherited

bool isForwardOnly ()Inherited

bool isSelect ()Inherited

bool isValid ()Inherited

QSqlError lastError ()Inherited

virtualQVariant lastInsertId ()Inherited

QString lastQuery ()Inherited

QSql::NumericalPrecisionPolicy numericalPrecisionPolicy ()Inherited

QSqlResult (Inherited

virtual bool savePrepare (Inherited

virtual void setActive (
  • boola)

virtual void setAt (
  • intat)

virtual void setLastError (Inherited

void setNumericalPrecisionPolicy (
  • QSql::NumericalPrecisionPolicypolicy)

virtual void setQuery (Inherited

virtual void setSelect (
  • bools)

Last modified: 2015-03-26

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