#include <QtNetwork/QNetworkProxyQuery>

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Public Types Index

Public Functions Index

QNetworkProxyQuery ()
QNetworkProxyQuery (const QUrl &requestUrl, QueryType queryType=UrlRequest)
QNetworkProxyQuery (const QString &hostname, int port, const QString &protocolTag=QString(), QueryType queryType=TcpSocket)
QNetworkProxyQuery (quint16 bindPort, const QString &protocolTag=QString(), QueryType queryType=TcpServer)
QNetworkProxyQuery (const QNetworkProxyQuery &other)
QNetworkProxyQuery (const QNetworkConfiguration &networkConfiguration, const QUrl &requestUrl, QueryType queryType=UrlRequest)
QNetworkProxyQuery (const QNetworkConfiguration &networkConfiguration, const QString &hostname, int port, const QString &protocolTag=QString(), QueryType queryType=TcpSocket)
QNetworkProxyQuery (const QNetworkConfiguration &networkConfiguration, quint16 bindPort, const QString &protocolTag=QString(), QueryType queryType=TcpServer)
~QNetworkProxyQuery ()
intlocalPort () const
QNetworkConfigurationnetworkConfiguration () const
booloperator!= (const QNetworkProxyQuery &other) const
QNetworkProxyQuery &operator= (const QNetworkProxyQuery &other)
booloperator== (const QNetworkProxyQuery &other) const
QStringpeerHostName () const
intpeerPort () const
QStringprotocolTag () const
QueryTypequeryType () const
voidsetLocalPort (int port)
voidsetNetworkConfiguration (const QNetworkConfiguration &networkConfiguration)
voidsetPeerHostName (const QString &hostname)
voidsetPeerPort (int port)
voidsetProtocolTag (const QString &protocolTag)
voidsetQueryType (QueryType type)
voidsetUrl (const QUrl &url)
QUrlurl () const

Public Types


TcpServer 100

Public Functions

QNetworkProxyQuery ()

QNetworkProxyQuery (
  • const QUrl &requestUrl,
  • QueryTypequeryType )

QNetworkProxyQuery (
  • const QString &hostname,
  • intport,
  • const QString &protocolTag,
  • QueryTypequeryType )

QNetworkProxyQuery (
  • quint16bindPort,
  • const QString &protocolTag,
  • QueryTypequeryType )

QNetworkProxyQuery (

QNetworkProxyQuery (

QNetworkProxyQuery (

QNetworkProxyQuery (

~QNetworkProxyQuery ()


int localPort ()

QNetworkConfiguration networkConfiguration ()

bool operator!= (

QNetworkProxyQuery & operator= (

bool operator== (

QString peerHostName ()

int peerPort ()

QString protocolTag ()

QueryType queryType ()

void setLocalPort (
  • intport)

void setNetworkConfiguration (

void setPeerHostName (

void setPeerPort (
  • intport)

void setProtocolTag (

void setQueryType (
  • QueryTypetype)

void setUrl (

QUrl url ()

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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