#include <QtNetwork/QNetworkInterface>

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Public Types Index

enum InterfaceFlag

IsUp 0x1, IsRunning 0x2, CanBroadcast 0x4, IsLoopBack 0x8, IsPointToPoint 0x10, CanMulticast 0x20

Public Functions Index

QNetworkInterface ()
QNetworkInterface (const QNetworkInterface &other)
~QNetworkInterface ()
QList< QNetworkAddressEntry >addressEntries () const
InterfaceFlagsflags () const
QStringhardwareAddress () const
QStringhumanReadableName () const
intindex () const
boolisValid () const
QStringname () const
QNetworkInterface &operator= (const QNetworkInterface &other)

Public Types


IsUp 0x1
IsRunning 0x2
CanBroadcast 0x4
IsLoopBack 0x8
IsPointToPoint 0x10
CanMulticast 0x20

Public Functions

QNetworkInterface ()

QNetworkInterface (

~QNetworkInterface ()


QList< QNetworkAddressEntry > addressEntries ()

InterfaceFlags flags ()

QString hardwareAddress ()

QString humanReadableName ()

int index ()

bool isValid ()

QString name ()

QNetworkInterface & operator= (

Static Public Functions

QList< QHostAddress > allAddresses ()

QList< QNetworkInterface > allInterfaces ()

QNetworkInterface interfaceFromIndex (
  • intindex)

QNetworkInterface interfaceFromName (

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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