#include <QtNetwork/QNetworkCacheMetaData>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QNetworkCacheMetaData


Public Types Index

Public Functions Index

QNetworkCacheMetaData ()
QNetworkCacheMetaData (const QNetworkCacheMetaData &other)
~QNetworkCacheMetaData ()
AttributesMapattributes () const
QDateTimeexpirationDate () const
boolisValid () const
QDateTimelastModified () const
booloperator!= (const QNetworkCacheMetaData &other) const
QNetworkCacheMetaData &operator= (const QNetworkCacheMetaData &other)
booloperator== (const QNetworkCacheMetaData &other) const
RawHeaderListrawHeaders () const
boolsaveToDisk () const
voidsetAttributes (const AttributesMap &attributes)
voidsetExpirationDate (const QDateTime &dateTime)
voidsetLastModified (const QDateTime &dateTime)
voidsetRawHeaders (const RawHeaderList &headers)
voidsetSaveToDisk (bool allow)
voidsetUrl (const QUrl &url)
QUrlurl () const

Public Types

typedef QHash< QNetworkRequest::Attribute, QVariant > AttributesMap

typedef QPair< QByteArray, QByteArray > RawHeader

typedef QList< RawHeader > RawHeaderList

Public Functions

QNetworkCacheMetaData ()

QNetworkCacheMetaData (

~QNetworkCacheMetaData ()


AttributesMap attributes ()

QDateTime expirationDate ()

bool isValid ()

QDateTime lastModified ()

bool operator!= (

QNetworkCacheMetaData & operator= (

bool operator== (

RawHeaderList rawHeaders ()

bool saveToDisk ()

void setAttributes (

void setExpirationDate (

void setLastModified (

void setRawHeaders (

void setSaveToDisk (
  • boolallow)

void setUrl (

QUrl url ()

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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