#include <QNdefNfcSmartPosterRecord>

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Public Types Index

enum ActionValue

Unset -1, Do 0, Save 1, Open 2

enum TypeNameFormat

Empty 0x00, NfcRtd 0x01, Mime 0x02, Uri 0x03, ExternalRtd 0x04, Unknown 0x05

Public Functions Index

ActionValueaction () const
voidaddIcon (const QByteArray &type, const QByteArray &data)
booladdTitle (const QString &text, const QString &locale, QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding encoding)
boolhasAction () const
boolhasIcon (const QByteArray &mimetype) const
boolhasSize () const
boolhasTypeInfo () const
QByteArrayicon (const QByteArray &mimetype) const
QByteArrayicon (int index) const
quint32iconCount () const
QByteArrayiconType (const QByteArray &mimetype) const
QByteArrayiconType (int index) const
Q_DECLARE_NDEF_RECORD (QNdefNfcSmartPosterRecord, QNdefRecord::NfcRtd,"Sp", QByteArray(0, char(0))) bool hasTitle(const QString &locale) const
boolsetAction (ActionValue act)
boolsetSize (quint32 size)
boolsetTypeInfo (const QByteArray &type)
boolsetUri (const QUrl &url)
quint32size () const
QStringtitle (const QString &locale) const
QNdefNfcTextRecord::EncodingtitleEncoding (const QString &locale) const
QStringtitleLocale (const QString &locale) const
QByteArraytypeInfo () const
QUrluri () const
QByteArrayid () const Inherited
boolisEmpty () const Inherited
boolisRecordType () const Inherited
booloperator!= (const QNdefRecord &other) const Inherited
QNdefRecord &operator= (const QNdefRecord &other)Inherited
booloperator== (const QNdefRecord &other) const Inherited
QByteArraypayload () const Inherited
QNdefRecord ()Inherited
QNdefRecord (const QNdefRecord &other)Inherited
voidsetId (const QByteArray &id)Inherited
voidsetPayload (const QByteArray &payload)Inherited
voidsetType (const QByteArray &type)Inherited
voidsetTypeNameFormat (TypeNameFormat typeNameFormat)Inherited
QByteArraytype () const Inherited
TypeNameFormattypeNameFormat () const Inherited

Protected Functions Index

Only has inherited protected functions

QNdefRecord (const QNdefRecord &other, TypeNameFormat typeNameFormat, const QByteArray &type, bool ignoreType=false)Inherited
QNdefRecord (TypeNameFormat typeNameFormat, const QByteArray &type)Inherited

Public Types


Unset -1
Do 0
Save 1
Open 2

TypeNameFormat Inherited

Empty 0x00
NfcRtd 0x01
Mime 0x02
Uri 0x03
ExternalRtd 0x04
Unknown 0x05

Public Functions

ActionValue action ()

void addIcon (

bool addTitle (
  • const QString &text,
  • const QString &locale,
  • QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encodingencoding )

bool hasAction ()

bool hasIcon (

bool hasSize ()

bool hasTypeInfo ()

QByteArray icon (

QByteArray icon (
  • intindex)

quint32 iconCount ()

QByteArray iconType (

QByteArray iconType (
  • intindex)


bool setAction (
  • ActionValueact)

bool setSize (
  • quint32size)

bool setTypeInfo (

bool setUri (

quint32 size ()

QString title (

QNdefNfcTextRecord::Encoding titleEncoding (

QString titleLocale (

QByteArray typeInfo ()

QUrl uri ()

bool isEmpty ()Inherited

bool isRecordType (
  • typename T)

bool operator!= (Inherited

QNdefRecord & operator= (Inherited

bool operator== (Inherited

QByteArray payload ()Inherited

QNdefRecord ()Inherited

QNdefRecord (Inherited

void setId (Inherited

void setPayload (Inherited

void setType (Inherited

void setTypeNameFormat (
  • TypeNameFormattypeNameFormat)

QByteArray type ()Inherited

TypeNameFormat typeNameFormat ()Inherited

Protected Functions

(Only has inherited protected functions)

QNdefRecord (Inherited

QNdefRecord (
  • TypeNameFormattypeNameFormat,
  • const QByteArray &type )

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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