#include <QtCore/QLibrary>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QLibrary


Properties Index

Public Functions Index

QLibrary (QObject *parent=0)
QLibrary (const QString &fileName, QObject *parent=0)
QLibrary (const QString &fileName, int verNum, QObject *parent=0)
QLibrary (const QString &fileName, const QString &version, QObject *parent=0)
~QLibrary ()
QStringerrorString () const
QStringfileName () const
boolisLoaded () const
boolload ()
LoadHintsloadHints () const
void *resolve (const char *symbol)
voidsetFileName (const QString &fileName)
voidsetFileNameAndVersion (const QString &fileName, int verNum)
voidsetFileNameAndVersion (const QString &fileName, const QString &version)
voidsetLoadHints (LoadHints hints)
boolunload ()

Static Public Functions Index

boolisLibrary (const QString &fileName)
void *resolve (const QString &fileName, const char *symbol)
void *resolve (const QString &fileName, int verNum, const char *symbol)
void *resolve (const QString &fileName, const QString &version, const char *symbol)

Public Types


ResolveAllSymbolsHint 0x01
ExportExternalSymbolsHint 0x02
LoadArchiveMemberHint 0x04
ImprovedSearchHeuristics 0x08


QString fileName

LoadHints loadHints

Public Functions

QLibrary (

QLibrary (

QLibrary (

QLibrary (

~QLibrary ()


QString errorString ()

QString fileName ()

bool isLoaded ()

bool load ()

LoadHints loadHints ()

void * resolve (
  • const char *symbol)

void setFileName (

void setFileNameAndVersion (
  • const QString &fileName,
  • intverNum )

void setFileNameAndVersion (

void setLoadHints (
  • LoadHintshints)

bool unload ()

Static Public Functions

bool isLibrary (

void * resolve (
  • const QString &fileName,
  • const char *symbol )

void * resolve (
  • const QString &fileName,
  • intverNum,
  • const char *symbol )

void * resolve (

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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