#include <QtNetwork/QHttpRequestHeader>

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Protected Attributes Index

Only has inherited protected attributes

QScopedPointer< QHttpHeaderPrivate >d_ptrInherited

Public Functions Index

QHttpRequestHeader ()
QHttpRequestHeader (const QString &method, const QString &path, int majorVer=1, int minorVer=1)
QHttpRequestHeader (const QHttpRequestHeader &header)
QHttpRequestHeader (const QString &str)
virtual intmajorVersion () const
QStringmethod () const
virtual intminorVersion () const
QHttpRequestHeader &operator= (const QHttpRequestHeader &header)
QStringpath () const
voidsetRequest (const QString &method, const QString &path, int majorVer=1, int minorVer=1)
virtual QStringtoString () const
voidaddValue (const QString &key, const QString &value)Inherited
QStringListallValues (const QString &key) const Inherited
uintcontentLength () const Inherited
QStringcontentType () const Inherited
boolhasContentLength () const Inherited
boolhasContentType () const Inherited
boolhasKey (const QString &key) const Inherited
boolisValid () const Inherited
QStringListkeys () const Inherited
QHttpHeader &operator= (const QHttpHeader &h)Inherited
QHttpHeader ()Inherited
QHttpHeader (const QHttpHeader &header)Inherited
QHttpHeader (const QString &str)Inherited
voidremoveAllValues (const QString &key)Inherited
voidremoveValue (const QString &key)Inherited
voidsetContentLength (int len)Inherited
voidsetContentType (const QString &type)Inherited
voidsetValue (const QString &key, const QString &value)Inherited
voidsetValues (const QList< QPair< QString, QString > > &values)Inherited
QStringvalue (const QString &key) const Inherited
QList< QPair< QString, QString > >values () const Inherited

Protected Functions Index

virtual boolparseLine (const QString &line, int number)
boolparse (const QString &str)Inherited
QHttpHeader (QHttpHeaderPrivate &dd, const QString &str=QString())Inherited
QHttpHeader (QHttpHeaderPrivate &dd, const QHttpHeader &header)Inherited
voidsetValid (bool)Inherited

Protected Attributes

(Only has inherited protected attributes)

QScopedPointer< QHttpHeaderPrivate > d_ptr ()Inherited

Public Functions

QHttpRequestHeader ()

QHttpRequestHeader (
  • const QString &method,
  • const QString &path,
  • intmajorVer,
  • intminorVer )

QHttpRequestHeader (

QHttpRequestHeader (

virtual int majorVersion ()

QString method ()

virtual int minorVersion ()

QHttpRequestHeader & operator= (

QString path ()

void setRequest (
  • const QString &method,
  • const QString &path,
  • intmajorVer,
  • intminorVer )

virtualQString toString ()

void addValue (Inherited

QStringList allValues (Inherited

uint contentLength ()Inherited

QString contentType ()Inherited

bool hasContentLength ()Inherited

bool hasContentType ()Inherited

bool hasKey (Inherited

bool isValid ()Inherited

QStringList keys ()Inherited

QHttpHeader & operator= (Inherited

QHttpHeader ()Inherited

QHttpHeader (Inherited

QHttpHeader (Inherited

void removeAllValues (Inherited

void removeValue (Inherited

void setContentLength (
  • intlen)

void setContentType (Inherited

void setValue (Inherited

void setValues (Inherited

QString value (Inherited

QList< QPair< QString, QString > > values ()Inherited

Protected Functions

virtual bool parseLine (

bool parse (Inherited

QHttpHeader (
  • QHttpHeaderPrivate &dd,
  • const QString &str )

QHttpHeader (Inherited

void setValid (
  • bool)

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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