#include <QtNetwork/QHostInfo>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QHostInfo


Public Types Index

enum HostInfoError

NoError, HostNotFound, UnknownError

Public Functions Index

QHostInfo (int lookupId=-1)
QHostInfo (const QHostInfo &d)
~QHostInfo ()
QList< QHostAddress >addresses () const
HostInfoErrorerror () const
QStringerrorString () const
QStringhostName () const
intlookupId () const
QHostInfo &operator= (const QHostInfo &d)
voidsetAddresses (const QList< QHostAddress > &addresses)
voidsetError (HostInfoError error)
voidsetErrorString (const QString &errorString)
voidsetHostName (const QString &name)
voidsetLookupId (int id)

Static Public Functions Index

voidabortHostLookup (int lookupId)
QHostInfofromName (const QString &name)
QStringlocalDomainName ()
QStringlocalHostName ()
intlookupHost (const QString &name, QObject *receiver, const char *member)

Public Types



Public Functions

QHostInfo (
  • intlookupId)

QHostInfo (

~QHostInfo ()


QList< QHostAddress > addresses ()

HostInfoError error ()

QString errorString ()

QString hostName ()

int lookupId ()

QHostInfo & operator= (

void setAddresses (

void setError (
  • HostInfoErrorerror)

void setErrorString (

void setHostName (

void setLookupId (
  • intid)

Static Public Functions

void abortHostLookup (
  • intlookupId)

QHostInfo fromName (

QString localDomainName ()

QString localHostName ()

int lookupHost (

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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