#include <QtCore/QFSFileEngine>

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Public Types Index

Only has inherited public types

enum Extension

AtEndExtension, FastReadLineExtension, MapExtension, UnMapExtension

enum FileFlag

ReadOwnerPerm 0x4000, WriteOwnerPerm 0x2000, ExeOwnerPerm 0x1000, ReadUserPerm 0x0400, WriteUserPerm 0x0200, ExeUserPerm 0x0100, ReadGroupPerm 0x0040, WriteGroupPerm 0x0020, ExeGroupPerm 0x0010, ReadOtherPerm 0x0004, WriteOtherPerm 0x0002, ExeOtherPerm 0x0001, LinkType 0x10000, FileType 0x20000, DirectoryType 0x40000, BundleType 0x80000, HiddenFlag 0x0100000, LocalDiskFlag 0x0200000, ExistsFlag 0x0400000, RootFlag 0x0800000, Refresh 0x1000000, PermsMask 0x0000FFFF, TypesMask 0x000F0000, FlagsMask 0x0FF00000, FileInfoAll FlagsMask | PermsMask | TypesMask

enum FileName

DefaultName, BaseName, PathName, AbsoluteName, AbsolutePathName, LinkName, CanonicalName, CanonicalPathName, BundleName, NFileNames 9

enum FileOwner

OwnerUser, OwnerGroup

enum FileTime

CreationTime, ModificationTime, AccessTime


Protected Attributes Index

Only has inherited protected attributes

QScopedPointer< QAbstractFileEnginePrivate >d_ptrInherited

Public Functions Index

QFSFileEngine ()
QFSFileEngine (const QString &file)
~QFSFileEngine ()
virtual Iterator *beginEntryList (QDir::Filters filters, const QStringList &filterNames)
virtual boolcaseSensitive () const
virtual boolclose ()
virtual boolcopy (const QString &newName)
virtual Iterator *endEntryList ()
virtual QStringListentryList (QDir::Filters filters, const QStringList &filterNames) const
virtual boolextension (Extension extension, const ExtensionOption *option=0, ExtensionReturn *output=0)
virtual FileFlagsfileFlags (FileFlags type) const
virtual QStringfileName (FileName file) const
virtual QDateTimefileTime (FileTime time) const
virtual boolflush ()
virtual inthandle () const
virtual boolisRelativePath () const
virtual boolisSequential () const
virtual boollink (const QString &newName)
virtual boolmkdir (const QString &dirName, bool createParentDirectories) const
virtual boolopen (QIODevice::OpenMode openMode)
boolopen (QIODevice::OpenMode flags, FILE *fh)
boolopen (QIODevice::OpenMode flags, int fd)
boolopen (QIODevice::OpenMode flags, int fd, QFile::FileHandleFlags handleFlags)
boolopen (QIODevice::OpenMode flags, FILE *fh, QFile::FileHandleFlags handleFlags)
virtual QStringowner (FileOwner) const
virtual uintownerId (FileOwner) const
virtual qint64pos () const
virtual qint64read (char *data, qint64 maxlen)
virtual qint64readLine (char *data, qint64 maxlen)
virtual boolremove ()
virtual boolrename (const QString &newName)
virtual boolrmdir (const QString &dirName, bool recurseParentDirectories) const
virtual boolseek (qint64)
virtual voidsetFileName (const QString &file)
virtual boolsetPermissions (uint perms)
virtual boolsetSize (qint64 size)
virtual qint64size () const
virtual boolsupportsExtension (Extension extension) const
virtual qint64write (const char *data, qint64 len)
boolatEnd () const Inherited
QFile::FileErrorerror () const Inherited
QStringerrorString () const Inherited
uchar *map (qint64 offset, qint64 size, QFile::MemoryMapFlags flags)Inherited
boolunmap (uchar *ptr)Inherited

Static Public Functions Index

QStringcurrentPath (const QString &path=QString())
QFileInfoListdrives ()
QStringhomePath ()
QStringrootPath ()
boolsetCurrentPath (const QString &path)
QStringtempPath ()
QAbstractFileEngine *create (const QString &fileName)Inherited

Protected Functions Index

QFSFileEngine (QFSFileEnginePrivate &dd)
QAbstractFileEngine ()Inherited
QAbstractFileEngine (QAbstractFileEnginePrivate &)Inherited
voidsetError (QFile::FileError error, const QString &str)Inherited

Public Types

(Only has inherited public types)

Extension Inherited


FileFlag Inherited

ReadOwnerPerm 0x4000
WriteOwnerPerm 0x2000
ExeOwnerPerm 0x1000
ReadUserPerm 0x0400
WriteUserPerm 0x0200
ExeUserPerm 0x0100
ReadGroupPerm 0x0040
WriteGroupPerm 0x0020
ExeGroupPerm 0x0010
ReadOtherPerm 0x0004
WriteOtherPerm 0x0002
ExeOtherPerm 0x0001
LinkType 0x10000
FileType 0x20000
DirectoryType 0x40000
BundleType 0x80000
HiddenFlag 0x0100000
LocalDiskFlag 0x0200000
ExistsFlag 0x0400000
RootFlag 0x0800000
Refresh 0x1000000
PermsMask 0x0000FFFF
TypesMask 0x000F0000
FlagsMask 0x0FF00000
FileInfoAll FlagsMask | PermsMask | TypesMask

FileName Inherited

NFileNames 9

FileOwner Inherited


FileTime Inherited


typedef QAbstractFileEngineIterator Iterator Inherited

Protected Attributes

(Only has inherited protected attributes)

QScopedPointer< QAbstractFileEnginePrivate > d_ptr ()Inherited

Public Functions

QFSFileEngine ()

QFSFileEngine (

~QFSFileEngine ()


virtualIterator * beginEntryList (

virtual bool caseSensitive ()

virtual bool close ()

virtual bool copy (

virtualIterator * endEntryList ()

virtualQStringList entryList (

virtual bool extension (

virtual FileFlags fileFlags (
  • FileFlagstype)

virtualQString fileName (
  • FileNamefile)

virtualQDateTime fileTime (
  • FileTimetime)

virtual bool flush ()

virtual int handle ()

virtual bool isRelativePath ()

virtual bool isSequential ()

virtual bool mkdir (
  • const QString &dirName,
  • boolcreateParentDirectories )

virtual bool open (
  • QIODevice::OpenModeopenMode)

bool open (
  • QIODevice::OpenModeflags,
  • FILE *fh )

bool open (
  • QIODevice::OpenModeflags,
  • intfd )

bool open (
  • QIODevice::OpenModeflags,
  • intfd,
  • QFile::FileHandleFlagshandleFlags )

bool open (
  • QIODevice::OpenModeflags,
  • FILE *fh,
  • QFile::FileHandleFlagshandleFlags )

virtualQString owner (
  • FileOwner)

virtual uint ownerId (
  • FileOwner)

virtual qint64 pos ()

virtual qint64 read (
  • char *data,
  • qint64maxlen )

virtual qint64 readLine (
  • char *data,
  • qint64maxlen )

virtual bool remove ()

virtual bool rename (

virtual bool rmdir (
  • const QString &dirName,
  • boolrecurseParentDirectories )

virtual bool seek (
  • qint64)

virtual void setFileName (

virtual bool setPermissions (
  • uintperms)

virtual bool setSize (
  • qint64size)

virtual qint64 size ()

virtual bool supportsExtension (
  • Extensionextension)

virtual qint64 write (
  • const char *data,
  • qint64len )

bool atEnd ()Inherited

QFile::FileError error ()Inherited

QString errorString ()Inherited

uchar * map (
  • qint64offset,
  • qint64size,
  • QFile::MemoryMapFlagsflags )

bool unmap (
  • uchar *ptr)

Static Public Functions

QString currentPath (

QFileInfoList drives ()

QString homePath ()

QString rootPath ()

bool setCurrentPath (

QString tempPath ()

QAbstractFileEngine * create (Inherited

Protected Functions

QFSFileEngine (
  • QFSFileEnginePrivate &dd)

QAbstractFileEngine ()Inherited

QAbstractFileEngine (
  • QAbstractFileEnginePrivate &)

void setError (
  • QFile::FileErrorerror,
  • const QString &str )

Last modified: 2015-07-24

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