#include <QtCore/QEventTransition>

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Properties Index

Public Functions Index

QEventTransition (QState *sourceState=0)
QEventTransition (QObject *object, QEvent::Type type, QState *sourceState=0)
~QEventTransition ()
QObject *eventSource () const
QEvent::TypeeventType () const
voidsetEventSource (QObject *object)
voidsetEventType (QEvent::Type type)
voidaddAnimation (QAbstractAnimation *animation)Inherited
QList< QAbstractAnimation * >animations () const Inherited
QStateMachine *machine () const Inherited
QAbstractTransition (QState *sourceState=0)Inherited
voidremoveAnimation (QAbstractAnimation *animation)Inherited
voidsetTargetState (QAbstractState *target)Inherited
voidsetTargetStates (const QList< QAbstractState * > &targets)Inherited
QState *sourceState () const Inherited
QAbstractState *targetState () const Inherited
QList< QAbstractState * >targetStates () const Inherited

Protected Functions Index

QEventTransition (QEventTransitionPrivate &dd, QState *parent)
QEventTransition (QEventTransitionPrivate &dd, QObject *object, QEvent::Type type, QState *parent)
virtual boolevent (QEvent *e)
virtual booleventTest (QEvent *event)
virtual voidonTransition (QEvent *event)
QAbstractTransition (QAbstractTransitionPrivate &dd, QState *parent)Inherited


QObject eventSource

QEvent::Type eventType

QState sourceStateInherited[read-only]

QAbstractState targetStateInherited

QList< QAbstractState * > targetStatesInherited

Public Functions

QEventTransition (

QEventTransition (

~QEventTransition ()


QObject * eventSource ()

QEvent::Type eventType ()

void setEventSource (

void setEventType (
  • QEvent::Typetype)

void addAnimation (Inherited

QList< QAbstractAnimation * > animations ()Inherited

QStateMachine * machine ()Inherited

QAbstractTransition (Inherited

void removeAnimation (Inherited

void setTargetState (Inherited

void setTargetStates (Inherited

QState * sourceState ()Inherited

QAbstractState * targetState ()Inherited

QList< QAbstractState * > targetStates ()Inherited

Protected Functions

QEventTransition (
  • QEventTransitionPrivate &dd,
  • QState *parent )

QEventTransition (
  • QEventTransitionPrivate &dd,
  • QObject *object,
  • QEvent::Typetype,
  • QState *parent )

virtual bool event (

virtual bool eventTest (

virtual void onTransition (

QAbstractTransition (
  • QAbstractTransitionPrivate &dd,
  • QState *parent )

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