#include <QtXml/QDomCDATASection>

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Public Types Index

Protected Attributes Index

Only has inherited protected attributes

QDomNodePrivate *implInherited

Public Functions Index

QDomCDATASection ()
QDomCDATASection (const QDomCDATASection &x)
QDomNode::NodeTypenodeType () const
QDomCDATASection &operator= (const QDomCDATASection &)
QDomNodeappendChild (const QDomNode &newChild)Inherited
voidappendData (const QString &arg)Inherited
QDomNamedNodeMapattributes () const Inherited
QDomNodeListchildNodes () const Inherited
voidclear ()Inherited
QDomNodecloneNode (bool deep=true) const Inherited
intcolumnNumber () const Inherited
QStringdata () const Inherited
voiddeleteData (unsigned long offset, unsigned long count)Inherited
QDomNodefirstChild () const Inherited
QDomElementfirstChildElement (const QString &tagName=QString()) const Inherited
boolhasAttributes () const Inherited
boolhasChildNodes () const Inherited
QDomNodeinsertAfter (const QDomNode &newChild, const QDomNode &refChild)Inherited
QDomNodeinsertBefore (const QDomNode &newChild, const QDomNode &refChild)Inherited
voidinsertData (unsigned long offset, const QString &arg)Inherited
boolisAttr () const Inherited
boolisCDATASection () const Inherited
boolisCharacterData () const Inherited
boolisComment () const Inherited
boolisDocument () const Inherited
boolisDocumentFragment () const Inherited
boolisDocumentType () const Inherited
boolisElement () const Inherited
boolisEntity () const Inherited
boolisEntityReference () const Inherited
boolisNotation () const Inherited
boolisNull () const Inherited
boolisProcessingInstruction () const Inherited
boolisSupported (const QString &feature, const QString &version) const Inherited
boolisText () const Inherited
QDomNodelastChild () const Inherited
QDomElementlastChildElement (const QString &tagName=QString()) const Inherited
uintlength () const Inherited
intlineNumber () const Inherited
QStringlocalName () const Inherited
QDomNodenamedItem (const QString &name) const Inherited
QStringnamespaceURI () const Inherited
QDomNodenextSibling () const Inherited
QDomElementnextSiblingElement (const QString &taName=QString()) const Inherited
QStringnodeName () const Inherited
QStringnodeValue () const Inherited
voidnormalize ()Inherited
booloperator!= (const QDomNode &) const Inherited
QDomText &operator= (const QDomText &)Inherited
QDomCharacterData &operator= (const QDomCharacterData &)Inherited
QDomNode &operator= (const QDomNode &)Inherited
booloperator== (const QDomNode &) const Inherited
QDomDocumentownerDocument () const Inherited
QDomNodeparentNode () const Inherited
QStringprefix () const Inherited
QDomNodepreviousSibling () const Inherited
QDomElementpreviousSiblingElement (const QString &tagName=QString()) const Inherited
QDomCharacterData ()Inherited
QDomCharacterData (const QDomCharacterData &x)Inherited
QDomNode ()Inherited
QDomNode (const QDomNode &)Inherited
QDomText ()Inherited
QDomText (const QDomText &x)Inherited
QDomNoderemoveChild (const QDomNode &oldChild)Inherited
QDomNodereplaceChild (const QDomNode &newChild, const QDomNode &oldChild)Inherited
voidreplaceData (unsigned long offset, unsigned long count, const QString &arg)Inherited
voidsave (QTextStream &, int) const Inherited
voidsave (QTextStream &, int, EncodingPolicy) const Inherited
voidsetData (const QString &)Inherited
voidsetNodeValue (const QString &)Inherited
voidsetPrefix (const QString &pre)Inherited
QDomTextsplitText (int offset)Inherited
QStringsubstringData (unsigned long offset, unsigned long count)Inherited
QDomAttrtoAttr () const Inherited
QDomCDATASectiontoCDATASection () const Inherited
QDomCharacterDatatoCharacterData () const Inherited
QDomCommenttoComment () const Inherited
QDomDocumenttoDocument () const Inherited
QDomDocumentFragmenttoDocumentFragment () const Inherited
QDomDocumentTypetoDocumentType () const Inherited
QDomElementtoElement () const Inherited
QDomEntitytoEntity () const Inherited
QDomEntityReferencetoEntityReference () const Inherited
QDomNotationtoNotation () const Inherited
QDomProcessingInstructiontoProcessingInstruction () const Inherited
QDomTexttoText () const Inherited

Protected Functions Index

Only has inherited protected functions

QDomNode (QDomNodePrivate *)Inherited

Public Types

(Only has inherited public types)

EncodingPolicy Inherited

EncodingFromDocument 1
EncodingFromTextStream 2

NodeType Inherited

ElementNode 1
AttributeNode 2
TextNode 3
CDATASectionNode 4
EntityReferenceNode 5
EntityNode 6
ProcessingInstructionNode 7
CommentNode 8
DocumentNode 9
DocumentTypeNode 10
DocumentFragmentNode 11
NotationNode 12
BaseNode 21
CharacterDataNode 22

Protected Attributes

(Only has inherited protected attributes)

QDomNodePrivate * impl ()Inherited

Public Functions

QDomCDATASection ()

QDomCDATASection (

QDomNode::NodeType nodeType ()

QDomCDATASection & operator= (

QDomNode appendChild (Inherited

void appendData (Inherited

QDomNamedNodeMap attributes ()Inherited

QDomNodeList childNodes ()Inherited

void clear ()Inherited

QDomNode cloneNode (
  • booldeep)

int columnNumber ()Inherited

QString data ()Inherited

void deleteData (
  • unsigned longoffset,
  • unsigned longcount )

QDomNode firstChild ()Inherited

QDomElement firstChildElement (Inherited

bool hasAttributes ()Inherited

bool hasChildNodes ()Inherited

QDomNode insertAfter (Inherited

QDomNode insertBefore (Inherited

void insertData (
  • unsigned longoffset,
  • const QString &arg )

bool isAttr ()Inherited

bool isCDATASection ()Inherited

bool isCharacterData ()Inherited

bool isComment ()Inherited

bool isDocument ()Inherited

bool isDocumentFragment ()Inherited

bool isDocumentType ()Inherited

bool isElement ()Inherited

bool isEntity ()Inherited

bool isEntityReference ()Inherited

bool isNotation ()Inherited

bool isNull ()Inherited

bool isProcessingInstruction ()Inherited

bool isSupported (Inherited

bool isText ()Inherited

QDomNode lastChild ()Inherited

QDomElement lastChildElement (Inherited

uint length ()Inherited

int lineNumber ()Inherited

QString localName ()Inherited

QDomNode namedItem (Inherited

Shortcut to avoid dealing with QDomNodeList all the time.

QString namespaceURI ()Inherited

QDomNode nextSibling ()Inherited

QDomElement nextSiblingElement (Inherited

QString nodeName ()Inherited

QString nodeValue ()Inherited

void normalize ()Inherited

bool operator!= (Inherited

QDomText & operator= (Inherited

QDomCharacterData & operator= (Inherited

QDomNode & operator= (Inherited

bool operator== (Inherited

QDomDocument ownerDocument ()Inherited

QDomNode parentNode ()Inherited

QString prefix ()Inherited

QDomNode previousSibling ()Inherited

QDomElement previousSiblingElement (Inherited

QDomCharacterData ()Inherited

QDomCharacterData (Inherited

QDomNode ()Inherited

QDomNode (Inherited

QDomText ()Inherited

QDomText (Inherited

QDomNode removeChild (Inherited

QDomNode replaceChild (Inherited

void replaceData (
  • unsigned longoffset,
  • unsigned longcount,
  • const QString &arg )

void save (Inherited

void save (Inherited

void setData (Inherited

void setNodeValue (Inherited

void setPrefix (Inherited

QDomText splitText (
  • intoffset)

QString substringData (
  • unsigned longoffset,
  • unsigned longcount )

QDomAttr toAttr ()Inherited

QDomCDATASection toCDATASection ()Inherited

QDomCharacterData toCharacterData ()Inherited

QDomComment toComment ()Inherited

QDomDocument toDocument ()Inherited

QDomDocumentFragment toDocumentFragment ()Inherited

QDomDocumentType toDocumentType ()Inherited

QDomElement toElement ()Inherited

QDomEntity toEntity ()Inherited

QDomEntityReference toEntityReference ()Inherited

QDomNotation toNotation ()Inherited

QDomProcessingInstruction toProcessingInstruction ()Inherited

QDomText toText ()Inherited

Protected Functions

(Only has inherited protected functions)

QDomNode (
  • QDomNodePrivate *)

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