#include <QtCore/QDir>

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Public Types Index

enum Filter

Dirs 0x001, Files 0x002, Drives 0x004, NoSymLinks 0x008, AllEntries Dirs | Files | Drives, TypeMask 0x00f, Readable 0x010, Writable 0x020, Executable 0x040, PermissionMask 0x070, Modified 0x080, Hidden 0x100, System 0x200, AccessMask 0x3F0, AllDirs 0x400, CaseSensitive 0x800, NoDotAndDotDot 0x1000, NoDot 0x2000, NoDotDot 0x4000, NoFilter -1

enum SortFlag

Name 0x00, Time 0x01, Size 0x02, Unsorted 0x03, SortByMask 0x03, DirsFirst 0x04, Reversed 0x08, IgnoreCase 0x10, DirsLast 0x20, LocaleAware 0x40, Type 0x80, NoSort -1

Protected Attributes Index

Public Functions Index

QDir (const QDir &)
QDir (const QString &path=QString())
QDir (const QString &path, const QString &nameFilter, SortFlags sort=SortFlags(Name|IgnoreCase), Filters filter=AllEntries)
~QDir ()
QStringabsoluteFilePath (const QString &fileName) const
QStringabsolutePath () const
QStringcanonicalPath () const
boolcd (const QString &dirName)
boolcdUp ()
uintcount () const
QStringdirName () const
QFileInfoListentryInfoList (Filters filters=NoFilter, SortFlags sort=NoSort) const
QFileInfoListentryInfoList (const QStringList &nameFilters, Filters filters=NoFilter, SortFlags sort=NoSort) const
QStringListentryList (Filters filters=NoFilter, SortFlags sort=NoSort) const
QStringListentryList (const QStringList &nameFilters, Filters filters=NoFilter, SortFlags sort=NoSort) const
boolexists () const
boolexists (const QString &name) const
QStringfilePath (const QString &fileName) const
Filtersfilter () const
boolisAbsolute () const
boolisReadable () const
boolisRelative () const
boolisRoot () const
boolmakeAbsolute ()
boolmkdir (const QString &dirName) const
boolmkpath (const QString &dirPath) const
QStringListnameFilters () const
booloperator!= (const QDir &dir) const
QDir &operator= (const QDir &)
QDir &operator= (const QString &path)
booloperator== (const QDir &dir) const
QStringoperator[] (int) const
QStringpath () const
voidrefresh () const
QStringrelativeFilePath (const QString &fileName) const
boolremove (const QString &fileName)
boolrename (const QString &oldName, const QString &newName)
boolrmdir (const QString &dirName) const
boolrmpath (const QString &dirPath) const
voidsetFilter (Filters filter)
voidsetNameFilters (const QStringList &nameFilters)
voidsetPath (const QString &path)
voidsetSorting (SortFlags sort)
SortFlagssorting () const

Static Public Functions Index

voidaddResourceSearchPath (const QString &path)
voidaddSearchPath (const QString &prefix, const QString &path)
QStringcleanPath (const QString &path)
QDircurrent ()
QStringcurrentPath ()
QFileInfoListdrives ()
QStringfromNativeSeparators (const QString &pathName)
QDirhome ()
QStringhomePath ()
boolisAbsolutePath (const QString &path)
boolisRelativePath (const QString &path)
boolmatch (const QStringList &filters, const QString &fileName)
boolmatch (const QString &filter, const QString &fileName)
QStringListnameFiltersFromString (const QString &nameFilter)
QDirroot ()
QStringrootPath ()
QStringListsearchPaths (const QString &prefix)
QCharseparator ()
boolsetCurrent (const QString &path)
voidsetSearchPaths (const QString &prefix, const QStringList &searchPaths)
QDirtemp ()
QStringtempPath ()
QStringtoNativeSeparators (const QString &pathName)

Public Types


Dirs 0x001
Files 0x002
Drives 0x004
AllEntries Dirs | Files | Drives
TypeMask 0x00f
Readable 0x010
Writable 0x020
Executable 0x040
PermissionMask 0x070
Modified 0x080
Hidden 0x100
System 0x200
AccessMask 0x3F0
AllDirs 0x400
CaseSensitive 0x800
NoDotAndDotDot 0x1000
NoDot 0x2000
NoDotDot 0x4000
NoFilter -1


Name 0x00
Time 0x01
Size 0x02
Unsorted 0x03
SortByMask 0x03
DirsFirst 0x04
Reversed 0x08
IgnoreCase 0x10
DirsLast 0x20
LocaleAware 0x40
Type 0x80
NoSort -1

Protected Attributes

QSharedDataPointer< QDirPrivate > d_ptr ()

Public Functions

QDir (

QDir (

QDir (
  • const QString &path,
  • const QString &nameFilter,
  • SortFlagssort,
  • Filtersfilter )

~QDir ()


QString absoluteFilePath (

QString absolutePath ()

QString canonicalPath ()

bool cd (

bool cdUp ()

uint count ()

QString dirName ()

QFileInfoList entryInfoList (
  • Filtersfilters,
  • SortFlagssort )

QFileInfoList entryInfoList (
  • const QStringList &nameFilters,
  • Filtersfilters,
  • SortFlagssort )

QStringList entryList (
  • Filtersfilters,
  • SortFlagssort )

QStringList entryList (
  • const QStringList &nameFilters,
  • Filtersfilters,
  • SortFlagssort )

bool exists ()

bool exists (

QString filePath (

Filters filter ()

bool isAbsolute ()

bool isReadable ()

bool isRelative ()

bool isRoot ()

bool makeAbsolute ()

bool mkdir (

bool mkpath (

QStringList nameFilters ()

bool operator!= (

QDir & operator= (

QDir & operator= (

bool operator== (

QString operator[] (
  • int)

QString path ()

void refresh ()

QString relativeFilePath (

bool remove (

bool rename (

bool rmdir (

bool rmpath (

void setFilter (
  • Filtersfilter)

void setNameFilters (

void setPath (

void setSorting (
  • SortFlagssort)

SortFlags sorting ()

Static Public Functions

void addResourceSearchPath (

void addSearchPath (

QString cleanPath (

QDir current ()

QString currentPath ()

QFileInfoList drives ()

QString fromNativeSeparators (

QDir home ()

QString homePath ()

bool isAbsolutePath (

bool isRelativePath (

bool match (

bool match (

QStringList nameFiltersFromString (

QDir root ()

QString rootPath ()

QStringList searchPaths (

QChar separator ()

bool setCurrent (

void setSearchPaths (

QDir temp ()

QString tempPath ()

QString toNativeSeparators (

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