Since: 1.2

#include <QtConnectivity/QBluetoothTransferManager>

More information will be added here shortly. For now, you'll find more extensive information about this class in the Qt reference for QBluetoothTransferManager

The QBluetoothTransferManager class allows the application to send data objects to other devices.

Currently implemented using OPP.

QBluetoothTransferManager uses OBEX to send get and put commands to remote devices.


Public Types Index

enum Operation

GetOperation, PutOperation

Public Functions Index

QBluetoothTransferManager (QObject *parent=0)
~QBluetoothTransferManager ()
QBluetoothTransferReply *put (const QBluetoothTransferRequest &request, QIODevice *data)

Signals Index

voidfinished (QBluetoothTransferReply *reply)

Public Types


This enum describes the type of operation that a transfer request is for.

GetOperation The get operation is used to retrieve an object from a remote device. Not implemented. PutOperation The put operation is used to send an object to a remote device.


Public Functions

QBluetoothTransferManager (

Constructs a new QBluetoothTransferManager with parent.

~QBluetoothTransferManager ()


QBluetoothTransferReply * put (

Sends the contents of data to the remote device request and returns a new QBluetoothTransferReply, that can be used to track the request's progress.


void finished (

This signal is emitted when the transfer for reply finishes.

Last modified: 2015-03-26

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